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When a tooth has large or multiple existing fillings and/or other damage such as wear, chips, recurrent cavities, and cracks, the remaining healthy tooth structure may become too thin and weak. While fillings are good at restoring tooth structure destroyed by smaller cavities, they do not usually actually strengthen the tooth. Dental crowns are an excellent restorative procedure which not only protects a weakened tooth from additional damage but can also be made to restore teeth functionally and aesthetically. At IQ Dental Group, our standard crowns of choice are made based on milled zirconium which is made via a CAD/CAM technology to ensure excellent fit, strength, function, and aesthetics. Zirconium crowns have many advantages over traditional crowns that are backed with base metals which may irritate gums and cause unsightly dark shadowing around the gumline over time. However, every clinical situation is different and there are other options such as gold crowns. A properly fitted high-quality crown can sometimes permanently restore a damaged tooth for a lifetime!

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