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Dental Impants

Implants are rapidly becoming the standard of care in dentistry for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. One of the biggest advantages of a dental implant is that it leaves adjacent natural teeth alone. It also generally tends to slow down the rate of jaw bone resorption around missing teeth areas. Did you know that just a couple of dental implants can also be used to greatly help secure down those annoying and embarrassing loose dentures? Implants may be the optimal option for a variety of clinical situations and long term success and stability for dental implants are excellent. Dental implants do have some drawbacks in that they can generally take anywhere from 3-4 months or more to fully integrate and anchor into the jaw bone. This is a natural healing process and ideally should not be rushed for best long term results. However, some healthy patients may be able to have their implants loaded immediately. Come in today and consult with us to see if implants are the right option for you!

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